Siemens Completes World’s First 3D-Printed Turbine Blade Trials

Siemens just completed one of the most impressive 3D-printing endeavors ever. The German engineering company said the technology could be seen as a major step toward normalizing complex 3D printing for manufacturing companies.

Siemens tested these conditions at their gas turbine factory located in Lincoln, UK. Reuters reported the test took place under engine conditions, maximum load and at temperatures of almost 2,300 degrees Fahrenheit (roughly 1,250 Celsius). The components also endured testing at 13,000 rpm.

The 3D printing process can also be referred to as “additive manufacturing,” and that language is what the company has leaned toward in describing their recent successes.

“This is a breakthrough success for the use of additive manufacturing in the power generation field, which is one of the most challenging applications for this technology,” Willi Meixner, head of Siemens’ Power and Gas division, said.